Appointments are available on some mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends.

Session are 50-minutes in length.  Your help in ensuring they start and stop on time is valuable to me, and benefits others who use my services. We will hear a timer go off at the 45-minute mark, letting us both know it is time to wrap up, schedule the next appointment, take care of payment, and part company.

*Missed Appointments

When appointments are missed due to an emergency situation, such as sudden illness, serious accident, or similar extenuating circumstance, and I am informed of the situation, no fee will be assessed. When there is no crisis or emergency, and an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled with a minimum of 24-hours notice, there is no fee. Otherwise, there is a $90 fee for missed appointments. This applies the same to clients using IMPACT or another healthcare plan benefit. This policy is applied in a consistent and straightforward manner when an appointment is missed without notice.


$90 for a 50-minute session.

Please pay at each appointment by cash or check. Checks made out to “Jason Weber Therapy” please.

Special Fees for work performed outside of our sessions:

If consultation services, documentation, or other forms of communication beyond usual therapy notes are required and/or requested, my billing policy for completing those services (i.e., report writing, faxing, communicating by phone, etc.) is based on pro-rating $90/hour into 10-minute intervals. This works out to $15 for 1-10 minutes, $30 for 11-20 min., $45 for 21-30 min., and so on.

Health Insurance Benefits

I am not a provider for health insurance companies. I do provide itemized and coded receipts for clients who will seek reimbursement using health care benefits. When an additional form may be required as part of the submission, clients may send me the appropriate form and I will complete the provider section.


Please call or email me to schedule your initial appointment. We will set up subsequent appointments at the end of each session.


The office is located at 3 W Stimson Avenue, between the Post Office and the Marathon gas station (formerly BP). The lower portion of this email has a link to a Google map for this address, if that is useful. This is a single-story red brick building, with white columns. You enter the front door, turn left, through another door, and then the hallway extends to the right. My waiting room is the 3rd door on the left, which will be open when I am there. The sign on the door looks like this:


Jason Weber M.Ed, LPCC-S, LICDC-CS

If the interior door to the therapy room is closed, please make yourself comfortable in the waiting area and I’ll be with you soon. Want directions? On the map below, click on the green location marker.