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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: In response to the risk of virus contagion and transmission, I am not meeting with clients at the office. Instead, I am seeing clients using a telehealth video platform that meets federal standards for privacy and security. Phone (audio only) sessions are also a possibility, primarily when internet service disruptions impact video sessions, but also in cases where they may be a therapeutic advantage.

Appointments are available on some mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

Sessions are typically 50-minutes in length, although it is also an option to have 75-minute sessions. Your help in ensuring they start and stop on time is valuable to me, and benefits others who use my services. Providing payment at the beginning of each session contributes to our keeping to time boundaries. I also set an audible timer that lets us both know it is time to wrap up, schedule the next appointment, and part company.

*Missed Appointments

When appointments are missed due to an emergency situation, such as sudden illness, serious accident, or similar extenuating circumstance, and I am informed of the situation, no fee will be assessed. When there is no crisis or emergency, and an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled with a minimum of 24-hours notice, there is no fee. Otherwise, the full session fee is due for a missed appointment. This policy is applied in a consistent and straightforward manner when an appointment is missed without notice.


$125 for an individual therapy session, and $125 for a couples or family session. Sessions are 50-minutes long. Longer sessions are sometimes a good idea; 75-minute and 100-minute sessions are available. The complete fee table can be viewed scrolling to the bottom of this page, and clicking on the “Appointments, Fees and Insurance” link under POLICIES.

Please pay at the beginning of each appointment. Payment options include Zelle pay, if your banking institution is a Zelle participant, or I can send a direct deposit, person-to-person transfer request which you can fulfill with the bank account of your choice. Although digital payments are preferred, payment by personal check is also possible – please email me for check payment instructions.

Special Fees for work performed outside of our sessions:

If consultation services, documentation, or other forms of communication beyond usual therapy notes are required and/or requested, my billing policy for completing those services (i.e., report writing, faxing, communicating by phone, etc.) is based on prorating the fee for 50-minute session fee into 10-minute intervals. I do not charge a fee for creating and sending receipts that may assist a client to obtain reimbursement from a healthcare plan.

Health Insurance / Health Savings Account / FSA

I am not an in-network provider for health insurance companies. I do provide itemized and coded receipts for clients who will seek reimbursement using health care benefits. When an additional form may be required as part of the submission, clients may send me the appropriate form and I will complete the provider section.

If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) you might be able to make direct deposit, person-to-person transfers from your account. Please ask me about this if you’re interested.


Please call or email me to schedule your initial appointment. We will set up subsequent appointments at the end of each session.